The RASENT Accounting Department is managed by Ing. Gabriela Juhásová, who has gained experience in accounting for many years in international companies.
In addition to experience, it covers accounting services with its professional training: 
  • Graduate of the Faculty of Economic Informatics of the Economic University in Bratislava, specialization Accounting and Auditing
  • Holder of the Certificate Accountant, issued by the Slovak Chamber of Certified Accountants
  • Certificate holder Tax specialist, issued by the Center of Accountants of Slovakia
Accounting services provided by RASENT offers:
  • professional accounting services /including financial statements of micro accounting entities, small and large entities/
  • professional processing of simple accounting, including related tax returns
  • one-time processing of tax returns / self-employment (SZČO), rent, flat-rate expenses, tax records ...../
  • regular processing of payroll for clients
  • providing tax advice and accounting advice
Our mission is to provide our services so that you can fully rely on us and dedicate our time to doing your own business.