IT Services

IT Services

RASENT provides special and original solution of custom-development information system. RASENT uses a tools/methods in accordance with new trends in information technologies. RASENT offers a complex technical solution of information demands – especially demands on a decision supporting system. There are many ways how to present companies data (in tables, graphs, on the Internet, Intranet...). RASENT is ready to meet a data storing, data cleaning a data fit grouping and especially data presentation. RASENT uses its numerous experiences in reporting system development and datawarehouse development. Working with datawarehouse and decision support system is a trendline of company.


RASENT develops decision support systems in the harmony of latest trends. RASENT uses ORACLE database and development tools for creating powerful platform of reporting system and extensively datawarehouses.
RASENT provides a solution which collects data from different source systems, unificate it, sort it a clean it in automatic processes. Data presentation is solved in similar way. Data is transformed to multidimensional structure to be able provide realistic view on company. Data transformed in such form is appropriate to global market analysis and company progress estimations.



RASENT is going from previous many experiences of own employees. RASENT is focused on decision supporting systems development. In the present time the decision supporting systems for intermediate and higher management are inseparable element for each company, which wanted to be successful. In this trend company is providing following activities:

bussiness and consulting activities in following areas:

  • telecommunication 
  • banking a others financial services
  • retailing

project technical realisation:

  • functional and data system analysis
  • system implementation
  • data presentation
  • education and training
  • operational support